Sunday, October 28, 2018

How I respond to difficult news....

I wake up every morning and wonder what has happened during the night?

I end every Shabbat or holiday, wondering what am I going to hear or read?

After every hour I am in session with a client, I wonder what I am going to hear or read?

That’s what happens in life. I can’t hear or read or know everything at every moment.

And when I hear news my brain reacts.

I hear good news and I feel joy.

I hear sad news and I feel pained.

I hear tragic news and I am in shock.

Every day is an unknown. 

And so, once again, I am processing tragedy. Curious about G-d’s Plan? 

Man’s actions. Man’s pain. Man’s suffering. Man’s sickness.

I take in the information, and feel my feelings.

And then I must try to focus on what I can. Focus on what I can do something about.

The good. The love. The care. The self-understanding. The self-knowing. The clarity of self. The holding. The healing. The growing. The teaching. The sharing. The vulnerability.

I Just. Keep. Going.

And know there is always more news to come…in the next day, or next hour, or next moment.

Each day is a blessing. And I must continue to live while I can.


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