Friday, July 11, 2014

Today. Friday, July 11

I woke up today and decided I needed to write.

Last night I baked two batches of chocolate chip cookies and two batches of ginger cookies. MB will make two trays of potato kugel.

Our yishuv will be bringing Shabbat food to the soldiers on the border of Gaza.

NED went to bed alone last night. Not knowing where her soldier husband is.

DB helped me make the cookies, saying, "I can't believe I'm here making cookies, and not there."

Ari is on a bike ride. Hope he has his gun with him.

ELY has a friend sleeping over.

I'm going back into the kitchen to prepare for Shabbat. We will be hosting one of DB's army buddies, as well as MB's newly married friend who has been in and out of bomb shelters in Ashdod.

It's so hot. I think about our soldiers out their in this heat. I worry about them and then get frustrated that there is nothing I can do.

I want to go to the beach, but there are missiles flying over the beaches. I feel a little guilty for going to the beach when others are hiding in their shelters.

This is my existence right now. And I will not let them beat me.


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