Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out the door she goes....

I watched my "little girl" walk out the door tonight. With a HUGE backpack strapped to her back. She went. To join her apartment mates. In Jerusalem. In her new apartment, as a Bat Sherut. Doing her National Service.

She is having such an easy time with it. I'm NOT!

I wanted to beg her not to go. But she did.

And now she is on her own. Working. Hanging out with old people all day.

She just walked right out the door...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The first day of 5th Grade

We overslept!!

Jet lag strikes!!

So Ely made it in a half hour late to school.
and came home 4 hours later with a smile on her face!

15 girls in her class, 13 from our yishuv.

Her teacher is starting the year on maternity leave, so they have a substitute for now.

And the night before begins:
lunches, backpacks, signed forms, laying out clothes.

5th grade has begun!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fifth grader

Ely told me tonight that tomorrow she will be the only one taking a 'first-day-of-school' picture.
She will be the only one in the picture.

My baby, now 10, will start 5th grade tomorrow.

She will now begin to navigate herself without any siblings in the house everyday. She will be like an only child most days of the week.

She will come home.
She will do her homework.
She will go to sleep.
With Ari and I, of course.
But no other noise in the house.

But 5th grade?
It happened so fast.
And now here we are.
Getting ready for 5th grade.

I am blessed.
And sad.
And nostalgic.
And excited.
And lonely.
And happy.
And thankful.

Good luck Ely! Abba and I are so proud of you!

Visiting DB

DB called today and said he had permission for us to come to the base to visit if we wanted to.

Wanted to?!

I grabbed the last of the chocolate chip cookies from the freezer, and the camera I brought back from the US for his 21st birthday, and drove down there with Ari. 30 minutes. Not far.

He was waiting for us outside the base. In the picnic area built for visitors. No one is allowed into the base without clearance. He was sweaty. Seems their air conditioner isn't working. They all take their mattresses and sleep in the work-out room. But he doesn't complain.

So we sit, in semi-darkness, and talk. He actually told us a little about his week. Mostly because he's not doing specialty stuff now. Back to the basics. Hand-to-hand combat, and hand-gun and rifle shooting. He told us how he learned to protect himself when someone attacks with a pipe or a knife.
"Haven't I taught you not to hit or kick, DB?!"
He laughs at me. "Yes Mommy," he smiles.

Four more weeks until his graduation ceremony. Then he becomes a full-time soldier. In active duty. And I stop sleeping at night.

And as he speaks I think to myself: This is my son. My little boy. This handsome, very buff, dimpled-smiling young man; he's my son. He calls me "mommy." He hugs me and doesn't let go. He's my boy. And he is so calm. So mature. So manly. So real.

I am in awe. I am proud. And I am in awe. Where did he come from?

Who is he?

He is my son. My "boy". My man of a son.

Still can't wrap my head around it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm obsessed...

Eat Pray Love is my new very favorite book.
Wanna keep reading and reading.
Liz Gilbert writes my inner thoughts and feelings and words.
Can't get enough of it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


and feelings.
and strangers.
and wrong.
and bad.
and thinking.
and wondering.
and appreciating.
and hugging.
and crying.
and drinking.
and doing.