Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home again...home again

They're back!

My kids and husband are all home.

Except that DB has already left for Yeshiva and Ari has been to the States and back!

But we were all together as a family for Shabbat. First time in months and probably will be the last time for months!

Great kids! great Life!

Everyone is well.

Thank G-d

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What I've been doing with all my free time

People have been asking me, so I thought I'd catch you up with what I have been doing since Ari has been away and the kids now in Boston.
In no specific order:

- Almost every other night I go to a baseball game to cheer on Dovid, who is finally playing!

- I've taken my car for service, cleaning and testing.

- I got a manicure.

- I had a meeting with the head of the Expressive Therapy Certificate program at Michlala in Jerusalem, who offered me a teaching job.

- I had my final surpervision meeting for the Family Institute

- I had an appointment with a genetics counselor

- I organized my bedroom and my laundry room

- I've procrastinated cleaning and organizing my art room/office.

- Visited with Vivien and David Luchins

- Had dinner with Cousin Debra and Etan

- Went Israeli folk dancing with Cousin Debra! **A definite summer highlight**

- Shopping and Lunch with Zahava B

- Movie with Tamara

- Slept in

- Reread a journal from 1996

I've been busy!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Dovid played!

I finally got to see Dovid out on the field!
It was a short inning and they lost before Dovid ever got up to bat.

But no matter! After going to over 10 games, and yelling, "Put Dovid in!", I finally got to see him out on the field!

He looked good out there! I'm so proud!

totally trivial

I tried to make today my pajama day.
But at 11 o'clock AM, I called my haircut lady and she said I should come in 30 minutes.

So I got dressed, went to the cash machine and made it there in 40 minutes.

No more long locks. Still enough for a ponytail. But no more than that.

The best part of the whole haircut was when my haircut lady asked if my nails were mine or fake!

Woo-hoo! This woman does manicures and thought my nails were fake!

Loved that part!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

All my (our) new stuff

I've had a busy week so far of spending money and acquiring things. Some meaningful and others, not so much:

1. A beautiful garden! Olive tree and rose bushes in the front. In the back an etrog, lemon, orange, leechee, pomelo, pomogranate, baby lemon, herbs, vegetables and some stunning flowering plants I can’t name. Green green grass and a gazebo that will be covered by a grape vine! Our Garden of Eden! And, by far, the most meaningful acquisition!

2. A round Burmese Teakwood porch table with 8 teakwood folding chairs. You can now come visit us and enjoy a relaxing meal on the back porch overlooking the Judean hills. I live in Israel!

3. I received a 20% birthday month discount coupon from my favorite clothing store, COTTON. I bought a funky new skirt and two really comfy tops. Happy Birthday to me!

4. Several (like 4) new mitpachot (hair coverings) So much cheaper than buying hats, and much more comfortable to wear!

5. Yummy mangoes. I love mango season in Israel!!

I am the most excited about having a garden! It makes such a difference in my sense of inner peacefulness not to have to look out onto dirt everyday. I am so thankful!

My hope is that everyone who visits will enjoy the same peacefulness from Hashem’s nature painting in my garden.