Saturday, November 02, 2013

My New Normal

As of Sunday, November 3, 2014:

- all four of my children are living under one roof.
- I have two university students, DB and MB, in two different universities.
- I have two children with jobs, MB and NED.
- I have one child dating.
- I have one child on a sports team, DB playing flag football.
- Ely taking dance and MB taking yoga
- NED taking driving lessons
- Ari still looking for a job
- very few Jerusalem clients, because no one likes my hours in my new office. (Time to find a new office again, I think!) Which means no more crazy JM Tuesdays.

Lots of bodies in the house again. Higher food bills and electricity bills, and water bills.

Life is weird.

You can get used to one normal, and then a new normal sets in.

Welcome to my new normal -- this week!!

So much junk

There's so much junk in my house.
And in my head.

I look around my house and think, "How did all this junk get here?"

I cant just throw it away. I might need it. Or use it.

But there is so much junk. Stuff. Crap. Everywhere.

I'd have a yard sale to make some money off of it, but I feel guilty doing that. There are so many people here who can't afford junk - and I have so much of it!

I'd have a yard sale to get rid of it and make some money from all of it, but I wouldn't know where to start.

There is just so much junk.
Little junk. and big junk.
Stuff. and big stuff. Stuff I don't need.

I wish I could just sweep through the house, throw it all away. Not feel guilty about it.

And start over.

Anyone want some stuff?