Monday, January 21, 2008

On the road and checking in

I am writing this from the Trencher's in West Hartford. I have been on the road since this last night. Visiting in Sharon and Brookline, onto Holyoke and then here. Tomorrow I go to NYC to see others.

I look forward to getting to Maryland.

Lots of thoughts in my quiet alone travel time.

For another time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting ready

Thursday I leave for a two week visit to the States.

Tomorrow I have a full day conference in Jerusalem.

Wednesday another day of conference plus I am giving a workshop titled: Empathy and the Expressive Arts.

Thursday I will do a half day, get a massage and a manicure and leave for the airport.

I arrive early Friday morning and drive to Providence to meet my new grand-nephew.

Sunday, I make a quick trip to the Sports Shop at Fenway and head down to West Hartford.

Monday will be a visiting day and Tuesday morning I have a 8 AM train to Maryland.

I will be there, and hopefully checking in here to say hi, until January 31.

I am NOT looking forward to the cold or the snow!

I am looking forward to seeing my family friends!

I'll be in touch.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just being

Learning how to “just be”

Don’t have to “be” anything. I can just “be”.

Don’t have to have something bothering me, I can just “be.” Living the ins and outs or ups and downs.

Trying to breathe. In and out. Not holding my breath.

Don’t have to wait. I can just “be.” Wondering what will happen next. How to prepare?

Or just being…
Or at least trying to be…

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

45,000 hit question

Thinking about our last days on this earth - many deaths around me this past week.


Morbid, maybe. But I think about it, don't you?

Send me an answer... I really wanna hear.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

He was such a nice man

Dr. Ribakow passed away last week.

Freeda and Larry and Barry flew to Israel and buried him here tonight. So sad!

In tears, Freeda said to me, "He loved you like a daughter." And I responded, "He yelled at me like a daughter too!"

He always gave me a hug. He called me "Sarah le".

I spent many many days and nights in the Ribakow home as a teenager.

I feel a little guilty for not staying in touch with them more as an adult!

I remember one summer when I was living at the Ribakows and "going out" with a guy, Dr. Ribakow got very upset when the guy came to the house to pick me up and honked from his car. Dr. Ribakow went outside and told the boy if he wanted to go out with me, he had to come to the door to get me.

He was really such a nice man! I know he will be missed.