Monday, April 30, 2007

Way over 35,000 hit question

This is a question with an ulterior motive. Your answers will help me make a decision.

Imagine it's going to be your 41st birthday and you are planning your own birthday party for you and your girlfriends. Would you rather go camping overnight in the north (ruffing it) or to the beach for the day with dinner at your favorite Thai restaurant?

Or any other better ideas?

Thanks for your help...

MB - the injured jock

MB would rather get huge blisters on the bottom of her foot than get a zero on her report card.

Last week she went to school in flip-flops without me knowing. She did not expect to have gym as the teacher has not shown up to class in weeks. So she did not have her sneakers.

This day, the teacher was there. She was told she could not run in flip-flops, but would get a zero if she didn't run.

NED and DB probably would've taken the zero. NOT MB!!!

She got such bad blisters, she couldn't walk.

ELY's blankey

Ely likes her blankey to be cold. We are not allowed to lay on it because we might make it hot!

Today she put it in the freezer when she got home so it would be really cold at bed time...

It was too cold as it made her bed cold. But she was satisfied with holding it close.
soft and cold - just the way she likes it :)

NED's dream world

When NED goes to the US this summer, she wants to be picked up in a Limo to take her to Grandma's.

"That's how we always got to the hotels from the airport in Florida.

We have created a monster! A spoiled monster!!

DB is driving!

Last week he took the car to exchange beer. No joke!

Evidently I don't know much about beer. I had bought for our Yom Hatzmaut picnic, but it was the "gross kind." So DB took the car and exchanged the "gross kind" for some good ol' Heiniken.

Under age, driving in Israel - Buying Beer!

Only in Israel

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am pained over the horrendous loss of innocent life in Blacksburg, VA. And the "why" is asked here too. (I do hold some of my "this is what was supposed to happen to them" theory. But it seems a bit callous.)

But my main "why" is from a more psychological place. Understanding the human mind. WHY? What happens to a person to do such a thing? How does a human being's thinking get so distorted to think this is the right thing to do?

It's like a suicide bomber. Their way of thinking is so clear to them. Yet, I guess I believe a suicide bomber is coming from a more cultural brain-washing.

This guy in Virginia was living in America. Although he must have carried some of his Southest Asian cultural biases with him, he was American.

And again, it doesn't matter. Or does it? He was a human being.

I think of the angry teens I have worked with over the years and wonder, how many of them could have been capable of such things? How do we ultimately detect such a distortion?

What puts a human being over the edge so much to do such a thing?

Would my client really kill herself to get her husband's attention? Are people that desperate?

This is such an important conversation for the therapeutic world.

And as a parent how to I explain to my children such a scary world story?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another thing...

When my client threatens her husband to kill herself what she really wants to scream is,


What the hell is going on in this world?!?!

Positive vs. Negative

It's a constant battle.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm tired of pretending!

Sometimes I just want to be in a bad mood.

And not feel guilty.

And then sometimes I want to be able to enjoy something.

And not feel guilty.

Either way, I'm tired of pretending.

Always having to act just right...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holiday Over

Pesach (Passover) is over.

Approximately 140 mouths fed. Ari's Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law, Nephews, Lisa, Ronit, Dan, the Green family, the Ettinger's, Dana and Sandra, Diana and the triplets, neighbors and friends. And lots of kids!!

Only one flopped meal - under cooked the salmon in fear of overcooking it.

Very proud of my boulka rolls (passover rolls). Must have made over 100!

Burnt out. Family dynamics. Making everyone happy.

Got me thinking: Why is being with friends so much easier some times?

Haven't stopped thinking about my last post. Haven't come up with any deeper understanding of myself. I have appreciated all the comments, though. But still ask, WHY??

Rearranged my kitchen.

Want to go to IKEA in Netanya tomorrow.

Back to work... Can I continue to help people?