Sunday, October 26, 2008

Positive thoughts for DB this week

If anyone still checks by here to see if I have posted anything (more on that later)

Please keep positive thoughts in mind this week for my DB as he begins his gibush for Sayeret Matkal today.

gibush = try-outs for a specific unit in the army

Sayeret Matkal = An elite commando unit in the Israeli Army - A special forces section.

I will not be able to reach him for the week as he goes through what I can only imagine is akin to a fraternity hazing, until this Thursday.

If he makes it through the week and passes, he will go into this unit next August. If he does not make it into the unit, he will go into something the next step down.

That's about as much as I know and understand.

Needless to say I am a worried Momma who can't stop tearing everytime I think of my little boy being ripped to shreds by some mad testosterone filled army men!

We are very proud of him, but still...

Happy thoughts...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Over 53,000

Here's a thought provoking question for anyone who cares:

What do you need to start doing?


What do you need to stop doing?

Thanks for stopping by!

Teenagers everywhere

They just keep coming in and out of my house. Opening my fridge. Eating my food.

They just keep coming....
and going.

On how we got tear-gased

Sitting in our beautiful garden enjoying the singing and dvar torah at Seudat Shlishit today.

Suddenly there are several explosions coming from what seemed to be the Arab village near the new army encampment just beyond our yard.

Fireworks, we supposed as usual - the Arabs shoot off fireworks whenever there is a wedding in the village.

We noticed that the smoke seemed much more dense this time. Very unusual. We noticed and continued our singing.

Then I saw that the smoke was very thick and coming towards us as the wind was blowing on our direction.

It began to smell like something was burning.

Within 30 seconds, one of our guests who is a soldier realized it was not just any ordinary smoke.

"Everyone inside quicky! IT'S TEAR-GAS!"

We all ran as we began to feel our noses and eyes burn.

The effects were immediate and strong! We ran through the house closing all the windows.

Everyone tried to be calm, but the results were painful! Burning and tearing eyes and a horrible smell.

Thank G-d everyone is okay.

We are still not 100% sure what happened.

And we definitely do not live in Kansas!!

Needing glasses

Reading glasses I already have. I've gotten used to them and actually love wearing them, as they allow me to read with ease. Just need to increase the prescription a little.

But the world around me seems to be getting a little fuzzier everyday. Not going blind. Just fuzzy.

I'm in denial.

I don't want to get old. And need multi-focals.

I want to be young and appreciate how well my body works. Then grow old and understand that I'm supposed to be falling apart slowly...