Monday, February 21, 2011

Still not really caring

It is and it isn't.
And I really don't care.
Doesn't matter to me.
Makes no difference one way or another.
Just let it happen and we'll see how it goes.
So yeah, just really not caring.
Just doing.
Just living.
Just being what I have to be.
Not sure I really care otherwise.
I'm sure many will care if I do or not.
But sorry, i don't
Thats just me.

Right now, just don't really care!

Recognizing my body

Tonight I felt it.
It felt weird
I was there, but I wasn't
Feeling comfortable or aware. It felt so foreign
It was not me.
It used to be me.
But its not anymore
Not sure where I went
But I aint here
I'm not someone else
I'm just not me
Part of that feels okay.
The other part isn't so sure.
Don't really mind not being me
Don't really care
There's that word again.
Just doesnt matter?
It was me there, just didn't recoginize who i was.