Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Four posts in one day

Wow! Read on...

Only Hebrew Imma!

Ely announced to me this morning that she only wants to speak to me in Hebrew. She said she understands English, but can only speak to me in Hebrew.

I hope I can understand her!

Here we go! My little Israeli. I love it!!

Tiyul Shnati

One of the important hebrew phrases to know when living in Israel and having children in the school system is Tiyul Shnati. A tiyul is a hike or trip and shnati comes from the root shana, which means yearly. So every school has a tiyul shnati - an annual trip to somewhere in Israel.
It is an informal time for students and teachers to enjoy the beauty of Israel for one or two nights.

For most kids, it is a time of great fun! As it should be.

This morning NED and MB left the house with backpacks full of clothes, food, bedding and hope for a good time.
MB had her hair in about 40 braids, a sight not to be believed.
NED was a little less excited, but promised to try. Convincing her to go was challenging. When one friend decides she doesn't want to go, they all decide. But we were not going to give in this time. And she went! With a half smile.

They'll be back in three days - tired and dirty. And hopefully full of stories and memories of a great experience!

This week!

UYO is this week!

Today I have 5 clients back to back and then it's off to Kochav Yaakov for an Angel (assistants) meeting.
Tomorrow I have my last Advanced Couples training course, a manicure, and then UYO!!

Mixed emotions - excitement and nervousness.

My DB is doing the course. I am so proud of him!

It will be our bonding time before he goes off to Yeshiva next year...

Everyone should take the UYO course!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my BB#1 and SIL! Soon to (please G-d) be grandparents!! Aaaaaahhh!!

33,000 plus hit question

Thank you Special Ed (I'm not linking your address until you update your blog with something normal!) for letting me know how many hits I have. I wonder why the counter doesn't show on my computer?

Here's a question I ask every week at our Shabbat table:

What is something someone did for you this past week that you appreciate?

I make my kids name something someone in their family has done for them. But you can extend it to whomever you want.

Only to pay attention to appreciation and what others do for you. Even the small stuff.

I use this question in working with couples. At the beginning of each session, I have them appreciate something about the other. Then the other has to mirror what the first said. Most times the smallest things mean the most. And sometimes not...

Can't see my counter

Is it time for a 33,000 hit question?

Monday, February 19, 2007

No more late nights

It used to be - when my kids were little, that I loved staying up late after the kids went to sleep, to enjoy the quiet night hours. I would get work done on the computer, have a private conversation with a friend on the phone, read, or just enjoy the peacefulness of the house.

No more. Having teenagers in the house has completely changed that!

I can no longer stay up and wait for my kids to come home, let alone wait for them to go to sleep! My work schedule, as well as my simple need for sleep has found me in bed way before the big kids. I purposely leave the light on in my room so that DB (who is usually the last one in) will come into me to let me know he is home and turn off my light.

Life has come to the point were my teenagers are tucking me in at night instead of the other way around.

When Ari is in this country and he is working late in his office, he gets to see the kids before they go to sleep. Usually, though, he's in bed as well, way before them.

I can't keep up. My lifestyle has changed. As long as I have Ely in bed by 7:30 PM, I know my night is winding down.

That's just my reality these days.

So now, my quiet time is in the morning. Either the kids have left for school or they are sleeping in. I don't have the peacefulness of nighttime, becuase of the banging going around me - neighbors homes being built, but I can use the mornings - when I have them, to do my work, talk to a friend, or read.

Reality is a funny thing. It sort of creeps up on you. And suddenly you realize that the way you thought things were, aren't really that way at all. They're different. Not bad, necessarily, just different.

My new reality is changing everyday...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Raising teenagers

I give up!

I work with teenagers. I'm supposed to know what I'm doing!

I've decided I have no idea and the rest is up the Almighty. I'll take them back all finished when this stage is over!

Drowning in moodswings, the silent treatment, tears, and oh!, the "I-don't-need-you-I-can-do-whatever-I-want" phase!

G-d help me! I'm serious!