Monday, August 12, 2013

What to write about first?

I'm aware that it's been since June that I've posted anything.
And there's a list of topics I've wanted and needed to blog about.
In no order of importance:

My grandmother died. My last remaining grandparent. I'm not a granddaughter anymore. No one to call "Grandma" anymore.

My son got out of the army after 4 years and 8 months. I feel a relief for him.

My 3 oldest children are traveling together in Africa. There's so much to say and feel about that.

Ely is left all alone at home. There's so much to say and feel about that.

Ari is still hoping to find a paying job. He is working very hard to build his own organization, but a paying job would be very helpful. In so many ways.

I'm going to be married for 25 years. To the same man. That's a really long time!

My friend's mother died. And then he had to sell his childhood home. Pack it up and hand over the keys to someone else. Those were my memories in that house, too.

Facing my limitations. Versus my boundaries. What I can and can't do - what I want to do. I want to do less these days.

NCSYers weddings. Do I go for myself or for them? Who is it more important for? Connected to my limitations and boundaries.

Trauma - so much to say about that!! And not say.

Fighting migraines and getting old body pain.

NED's boyfriend.

OK, now to write about one of these....