Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good wine, good friends, and great meat!!

Not nescessarily in that order!

Ari and I, 5 other couples and two men without spouses joined hundreds of other wine lovers last night at the Israel Wine Expo in Tel Aviv .

It was truly a cultural experience. We were handed wine glasses as we entered and walked from kiosk to kiosk filling our glasses - pretending to swish and smell as if we knew what we were doing - and trying different kinds of wines. It was fun, a bit in toxicating and I actually learned that I do not like Merlot red wines and prefer a nice light Sauvignon dry red. I brought home 2 bottles of a merlot/sauvignon mix and another bottle of a very yummy sweet dessert wine.

We laughed alot.

AFTER the wine, we all met at a restaurant in Tel Aviv for some very delicious meat - no more wine - and hot chocolate fudge cake for dessert.

I laughted alot.

Life is so short. When did I stop enjoying it and get so serious?

My soul needs to play more. It just makes life so much more fun - worth living and still meaningful.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for making me go, and to our great friends for organizing the outing!

Know what? I think besides the great wine and food, I got to hang out with people I don't always hang with - and it was refreshing...

Now I'm off to a glass mosaic class.

Happy Day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

still here

still alive, just not writing...

ins and outs

heres and theres

yeses and nos

and maybes

still thinking

still doing

still being

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sadness for a stranger

My blog friend, Brainhell, has finally left this world of suffering.

I cry tears for a man I never met in person, but corresponded with anonymously. He was my blogging friend. Gave me advice, discussed religious and family issues. Made me smile. Encouraged me to write for myself. To appreciate my everyday life.

I will never even know his real name.

But I will miss him.

Rest in Peace, Brainhell

46,000 hit question

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC last week with my good friend, Dovid G. Loved it! Felt so culturated (is that a word?!) Great to chill and connect with the artist in me...

I think I love Monet the best. Those Lily pads just calm me.

What about you? Are you an Impressionist or Realist?

Which artist would you choose as your favorite?!

Something different.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Random Anonymous

Received this weird comment from an anonymous reader, on the foggy brain update post:

"I am not a religious jew. I came upon your blog by accident tonight. It seems very strange to me that you told your daughter that you got pregnant by magic. Could you please elaborate? I'll check back to see your answer. "

Does anyone recall if or even when I might have written about becoming pregnant by magic?

Very strange... indeed!!

Update on the foggy brain

I'm feeling better, thank you!

Took a nap and Ari came home.

Made a yummy pot of broccoli soup and life is peachy again...
Thanks for all your concern!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Foggy in the brain

Somedays I just get this unexplainable head fogginess.

Tired, can't focus, sluggish, like my head weighs a thousand pounds

Today is one of those days...

Being of the age

It occured to me on this trip back to the states that I am at the age where my friends and my parents are getting older and starting to leave us in this world.

My trip to the states is always meant to recharge my batteries and give a little sunshine to my grandparents. Seeing the rest of my family and friends recharges me and seeing my grandparents, although lifts me some, is really meant to life them.

My whole trip changed when I received the upsetting call from one of my closest childhood friends, affectionately known by me as "Scoop", that her father had surprisingly and suddenly passed away. I was overcome by shock and stunned into emotional and physical paralysis. For over 4 hours on that Friday I could do nothing but make phone calls and sit by the phone. And think.

Mr. Stern was the third of my close friend's parents to pass away in the last several months. The reality of it hit me hard. Besides the fact that Mr. Stern was a warm and kind man, and whenever I saw him, his smile made me feel like I made a difference in the world, I began to realize that I had many "parents" from my teenage years that I owed hakarat hatov (appreciation) and needed to be in touch with.

As well, as would seem obvious, Mr. Stern's death brought me to think about and assess my own relationship with my parents.

I preceded to call or visit all my "parents", just to say hello, thank you, and thinking of you. It was not easy. The same way saying good bye to my grandparents - not knowing if I would see them again - realizing, I am of the age.

I found myself in caretaking mode - something I know very well. I love. I caretake. Because I love.

I was satisfied that I was there - for Scoop and her family - and for me. Scoop and I have been through alot together. A LOT!! Our friendship goes back to when we were in 5th and 6th grades. It has not been easy to stay in touch. But we have both always known we are thinking of each other. And caring. And loving. And smiling at the memories!

Life gets older. Day by day.

Learning to appreciate what I have is the best thing for me.

And still just being...or learning to be.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Home again - home again, tweedlely-dee

Back to reality.

Bittersweet trip.

I should say more, but I don't have the words (or patience) now.

Suffice it to say: Good to go, Great to come home!

Back to ulpan and teaching tomorrow.